New Day Church - MA

Our Mission

We are in the disciple-development business and our product is changed lives (Christlike people). In accordance with Matthew 28:19-20...

1. We MAKE disciples (help people become followers of Jesus - “go and make disciples” v.19)
2. We MARK disciples (help people identify with God’s family at large as well as a local church family through water baptism - “baptizing them” v.19)
3. We MATURE disciples (help people grow spiritually - “teaching them” v.20)

Who are we trying to reach?
New Day is for those who best connect with God through a non-traditional, casual approach to church and ministry. As our slogan says "Casual Dress. Serious Faith." While this approach often attracts a younger crowd, we aren't so much for the young as we are for the young minded. Anyone of any age that connects with God through a casual approach to church and ministry would feel welcome and right at home at a New Day service. Jesus came for the Jews, Paul was sent to the Gentiles (anyone who wasn't Jewish), Philip was sent to the Samaritans, and New Day is also trying to reach a particular people group, as described above.

If a visual would help in better understanding our discipleship strategy you can view a diagram by clicking here.