New Day Church - MA

Our Story

Back in 2007 I (Mike) was 25 years old living in Maryland, serving as the student pastor of a thriving youth ministry. Kristin and I had Ally, Lincoln was on the way and sensing change was in the air I was really seeking God’s direction for my life. I was getting up early each morning, while it was still dark out, to pray for an hour. And the gist of my prayers during that time went like this: God, please don’t let me waste my life. I want to make a difference for Your Kingdom. New Day was birthed out of that dedicated season of prayer.

When I talked with some friends I grew up with, it only confirmed in my heart what I was already feeling - that God wanted Kristin and I to move to Massachusetts, where I grew up, to start a non-traditional church in very traditional New England. We wanted to give people an alternative to traditional church.

So in October of 2007 Kristin and I sold our home and moved our family from Western Maryland to Western Massachusetts to start what would become New Day Church. In the beginning I worked bi-vocationally and supported my family from my personal savings, while working in conjunction with three other couples (Peter & Rachel Axtmann, Andrew & Kristi Charko and Jon & Sarah Watson) to plan New Day’s first service - Friday March 21, 2008 at the Longmeadow Community House in Longmeadow, MA. We met once a month on Friday night for six months before beginning weekly services on September 12, 2008.

Though we had 64 people attend our first service, through my awesome leadership and charismatic personality I grew the church down to 20 by December of that same year. We basically felt we were doing the right things on the wrong night so when God provided the opportunity to begin meeting on Sundays we switched to the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Enfield, CT starting January 1, 2009 and began to grow. When the hotel came under new management in December of 2009 we began looking for a new home. God miraculously provided a meeting space at the Basketball Hall of Fame, where we currently meet. I say miraculous because they agreed to rent to us for $10,000 less a year than what we offered them!

We had one service in 2010. We added a second service in 2011. And we added a third in 2012. As God has blessed us we’ve grown from 8 people to over 600 (and counting). We praise God for all the lives he is changing at New Day!